• Fun Intro Video

  • Magic & Illusion

  • Ventriloquism

  • Puppets & Pirates

  • Loads of Laughs

  • Printable Treasure Map

  • Learn Magic tricks You Can Do

  • Participation Too!



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Live Zoom Show

The Zoom show can be tailored to the age of the audience. All shows are family friendly, even the adult ones. Zoom shows are interactive and the audience gets to participate in various ways throughout.


The show runs 30 minutes with a short pre-show. The pre-show is a recorded segment that introduces the audience to Jack and his crew while also giving time for late arrivals to join. More than that, it's a fun, customized video that can even feature a picture of the guest of honor or photo of your establishment!


The show features ventriloquism performed live with Maynard the Talking Monkey who is a wise cracking member of the crew. Jack performs magic that is unexplainable and pirate jokes that are so bad they are hilarious.  Members of the audience participate by picking cards and having them found with the help of Long John Silver! Or waving their "magic wands" to make the magic happen themselves. Some of the magic will happen right in the audiences' home or wherever they may be.


Some of the tricks that Capt'n Jack performs not only amaze the participants but he also reveals the secrets for anyone that wants to learn how to do tricks for friends and family. They are given a special link to secret YouTube videos only people with a secret password can see! The teaching videos feature Jack Spareribs and Maynard the Talking Monkey and can be watched over and over.


Everyone  also gets a special link to Jack's own treasure map that can be printed at home, other surprises and of course a private link to the recording of the show!