Ace Miles has 40 years of experience performing for Fortune 500 Companies. From Google, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn to Memorex, Zerox, Apple and Hewlett Packard to name only a handful. 

Working with companies to entertain everyone from employees for events on site to Bay cruises to clients at trade shows. 

These are unique times and Ace (Jack) is a unique performer with a skillset and knowledge many do not possess... professional video production.  An award winning side gig as an animator/editor/producer of commercial and corporate video. Producing work for the likes of 20th Century Fox Interactive, Sega, Disney Epcot Center and Electronic Arts.  And even teaching these skills at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.

This makes him perfectly ready and capable of producing as close to "broadcast" quality visual entertainment as you can get on platforms such as Zoom and FaceBook Live. A studio filled with pro lighting, sound and the knowledge to use it effectively in this medium.

A perfect match of performing skills and technical expertise makes him the perfect choice for entertaining virtually for any corporate need.  With multiple HD 1080p camera angles and high-end graphics that can be customized with your logo or other needs, your virtual, interactive show is sure to be a huge success.


"zoom bomber"

ARRRR ya having yet another meeting?

Liven it up! Have your event comandeered by a Pirate Party Crasher!


The Capt'n transports the attendees to the "Friki Room"! 

Jack's tiki bar... where it's always happy hour!